Squish for Flash
Squish for Palm OS

Squish for Palm

Squish is a puzzle adventure game for Palm OS®. There is also a Flash version that you can play online or download to your computer.

It involves logical thinking and sharp reflexes, but it's quick to pick up and play. Some levels are easy, others are fiendishly difficult...

The goal is to guide Squish through each level using an assortment of blocks, lifts, fans, teleporters, springs and cannons. Make a path to the exit while avoiding hazardous traps like spikes, thunderclouds, and carnivorous plants.

As the game progresses, Squish will travel through lush forests, cross frozen wastelands, brave molten lava, and plumb the depths of the ocean.

The free demo comes with 10 levels and a limited set of graphics.

If you buy the full game, you'll get:

Good luck!

- Henry